Weird Criminal Law Stories # 604: Bud in the Oven

ARGENTINA: “She had a bud in the oven,” read the headline. A woman posing to be pregnant in Argentina was arrested with nine pounds of marijuana stashed in her fake baby bump. The unidentified lady and a male friend were crossing the country’s border into Chile by bus when they were stopped at a check point near Mendoza.

AUSTRALIA: Asylum grant for a DIY penis enlargement caper? Yes, an Iranian seeking asylum in Australia in 2019, who botched a penis enlargement procedure was granted entry to undergo pricey reconstructive surgery on the back of local taxpayers. It appears that while in immigration detention in Papua New Guineas, the man tried to grow his penis by injecting himself with palm oil. It didn’t work, of course. He was then taken to Australia for treatment that could have cost up to $10,000.

CALIFRONIA: Remote control car smuggling, youth… Recently a 16-year-old was arrested for using a remote-control car to smuggle thousands of dollar’s worth of meth from Mexico to California, according to authorities. Officials spotted the teen hiding in a bush near a border wall in San Diego and searched his two duffel bags. Inside, they found a toy car and drugs valued at $100,000 authorities said.

COLORADO: Just who were the boobs in this case? It has been reported that a woman won a $50,000 city settlement because police wrongly arrested her for playing Frisbee topless in her own front yard. Efronsini Krokos, 20, was charged with indecent exposure by Loveland police after neighbor complained. However, charges were dismissed her after her lawyer cited a court ruling that women can legally appear topless anywhere a man can.

FLORIDA: $110,000 worth of watches? It has been reported that a woman was arrested for allegedly stealing more than $110,000 worth of watches from men she met at clubs – including one tourist from New York robbed of his $56,000 watch. Katelin Wojowicz, 25, was charged with grand theft in connection with three cases in which she allegedly took dates back to her hotel room after partying, waited until they dozed off and then took their watches, cash and other goods. Shifty Playgirl!

FLORIDA: The Wild West meets the Old Florida. A Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputy captured an alligator with a lasso. The deputy had been called to a woman’s house in the city of Town n Country after the rogue gator banged on her window. Photos show the deputy tossing the looped rope around the gator’s mouth, cowboy-style and dragging it away.

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