Weird Criminal Law Stories # 603: A real loo loo…

WEST VIRGINIA: “The crime was a real loo-loo,” read the headline. We learn that a burglar broke into a Huntington home and stole a TV, computer – and a new, uninstalled toilet. “How desperate are you that you steal a toilet, of all things?” Barry Hyder asked when he returned home and discovered the loss after his daughter’s wedding.

WISCONSIN: “A killer bonus,” read the headline. The owners of a Hortonville novelty glassware company gave staff gift certificates to buy a gun as an early Christmas gift. “I want to make sure all employees are safe and happy – a handgun was the perfect gift,” said Ben Wolfgram of Benshot, which makes shot and beer glasses with bullets embedded in the glass.

ARIZONA: The headline read, “It was a crime not a Mex-up, say police. Police arrested Timothy Bell, 29, for allegedly threatening another man on a Phoenix street until the man gave Bell his burrito “by force” while making threatening statements in Maricopa County, said police.

ARKANSAS: The headline read, “The skin blue line.” It has been reported that a police officer has been suspended from duty after he was caught on camera dancing completely nude in a club. Cebron Hackett sparked screams and laughter as he was filmed staggering around the dance floor after stripping into his birthday suit at a Little Rock club in October 2019. The police officer from the Conway police force eventually tumbled into a table and wrestled with a security guard before falling face first onto the floor.

AUSTRALIA: Real hot stuff? It has been reported that four men were arrested for allegedly smuggling $210 million worth of crystal meth inside bottles of hot sauce. Border officials seized 880 pounds of the meth hidden in 768 bottles of sriracha in the southwester region of new South Wales.

AUSTRALIA: Stuffed? It has been reported that an ex-con unknowingly lived for 18 years with marijuana stuffed up his nose. The 48-year-old from Sydney said he shoved a small balloon full of weed into his right nostril after his girlfriend smuggled it into prison for him. However, he pushed it too deep and mistakenly thought he had swallowed it until he sought help for a sinus infection, according to his medical report – which doctors titled “A nose out of joint. Cute!

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