Weird Criminal Law Stories #612: Crappy?

OREGON: Crappy? We learn that a towering 30-foot poo emoji sprung up in downtown Portland in mid-November 2019, to promote World Toilet Day. Visitors can tour the bowels of the emoji, which features light projections and fake toilets. We wonder whether it held any actual restrooms…

FLORIDA: Guess she didn’t like the President? A 14-year-old girl was charged with assault in late November 2019, after she punched a man dressed in a Donald Trump costume. She punched the man in the nose. She had been waiting in line for a haunted house in Naples when she popped the would-be Trump in the face.

INDIA:  Catch him if you can! A businessman was recently arrested for posing as a commercial pilot in order to skip a long security line at the airport. Rajan Mahbubani, 48, of New Delhi allegedly dressed up as a Lufthansa pilot complete with a uniform, hat, and fake ID. When arrested the phony admitted to police using the ruse 15 times.

MARYLAND: Yep, it’s the “high” in higher education. We learn that the University of Maryland in Baltimore is offering a first of its kind degree in medical marijuana. At least 150 students have signed up for the master’s program, which is titled “Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics.”

WEST VIRGINIA: “The crime was a real loo-loo,” read the headline. We learn that a burglar broke into a Huntington home and stole a TV, computer – and a new, uninstalled toilet. “How desperate are you that you steal a toilet, of all things?” Barry Hyder asked when he returned home and discovered the loss after his daughter’s wedding.

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