Weird Criminal Law Stories #613: Bad Meat?

ALASKA: Bad meat? A man allegedly hid $400,000 worth of drugs inside rotting goat intestines. Cenen Placencia, 71, was arrested in in late-November 2018 for allegedly trying to sneak heroin and meth through the Ted Stevens International Airport.  State troopers found the dope loosely wrapped inside the pieces of rotting meat in a large box Placencia tried to check as luggage. PHEW!

FLORIDA: Bad naval maneuver? A 380-pound man who was arrested in mid-November 2019, for showing up at a Clearwater McDonald’s with a drug-filled needle He also had a stash crystal of meth in his belly button, police said. Police said they found the bag “wedged deep within the belly button of Martin Skelly, 41, at the Pinellas County Jail. OMG!

MARYLAND: This time the bank teller was the robber. Nathan Newell,19, allegedly followed home a customer who made a large cash withdrawal and stole the loot, according to police. He is accused of storming a 78-year-old man’s house in Bel Air but was caught on surveillance footage before running off. The young Mr. Newell was later charged with home invasion, robbery and burglary.

MISSOURI: IRONY? A man wearing a T-shirt with the slogan, “It’s not a crime unless you get caught,” was captured on camera snatching money from a Crystal City laundromat, police said. The thief broke into a vending machine at the Twin City Coin Laundry and made off with $600 in change.

ITALY:  Not drug sniffing dogs – just drug sniffing hogs.  Wild boars foiled a gang of drug dealers by destroying $22,000 worth of cocaine stashed in the woods, authorities said. The “hopped-up” hogs dug up more than four pounds of the drugs, which was allegedly buried in the country’s Vaildichiana valley.

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