Weird Criminal Law Stories #614: $1.4 million jury award. Why?

IOWA: $1.4 million jury award. Why? We learn that a Burmese man went to the hospital in 2015 for a circumcision but walked out with a vasectomy. The man, Zaw Zaw, has trouble speaking English but had a referral letter to the Des Moines hospital that asked for a “routine and ritual male circumcision.”  In 2019 a jury found the doctor was 70 percent responsible for the botched operation on the 38-year-old father of three.

WISCONSIN: “A killer bonus,” read the headline. The owners of a Hortonville novelty glassware company gave staff gift certificates to buy a gun as an early Christmas gift. “I want to make sure all employees are safe and happy – a handgun was the perfect gift,” said Ben Wolfgram of Benshot, which makes shot and beer glasses with bullets embedded in the glass.

FLORIDA: The ever-elusive Bigfoot… Thieves snatched an 8-foot-tall, 300-pound statue of Sasquatch from a store, sparking a full-blown Bigfoot hunt. We learn, further, that the wooden sculpture was taken from outside mattress Monsterz in Boynton Beach in late-October 2019, according to police, who are seeking tips about the theft.

NEVADA: FEDEX? It has been reported that a Las Vegas man was sentenced to four months in jail for trying to FedEx a Galapagos tortoise to himself in late 2019. Alan Wheelock, 33, was arrested trying to send the tortoise from Miami to his home. He pleaded guilty to violating the Endangered Species Act. The suspicious package was sniffed out by a canine working for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

NORTH CAROLINA: Rare Venison? A woman enjoying a manicure got a real surprise – when she witnessed the salon workers chopping up deer meat in plain sight. Morgan Taylor posted about her experience on her Facebook page in late-November 2019, including a photo of one of the workers at Diamond Nails in High Point, on the floor cutting hunks of meat. UGH!

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