Weird Criminal Law Stories # 633: Here Today Gun Tomorrow?

FLORIDA: Here today, gun tomorrow? A man was packing heat, as they say, at an orgy -until someone snatched his gun. The 63-year-old host of the steamy party in Deltona told police someone took his 9mm Glock, which he had set on his nightstand during the gay-sex fest. He told police he had invited men over to swim in his pool and have anonymous sex. His gun has not been found.

GEORGIA: A badge of shame, so stupid… A probation officer has resigned, and her friend has been arrested for borrowing that officer’s badge and gun to get free snacks at a QuikTrip. Pektra LaQuiche Edgerton, 33, was arrested and charged with impersonating an officer, according a police report.  A Gwinnett County Police officer inside the QuikTrip saw her with a badge and gun requesting free snacks. Body-cam footage from the officer showed he pulled over Ms. Edgerton as she was wearing the badge. Edgerton admitted her passenger let her borrow the gun and badge.

ITALY: Lining their pockets – with sand, maybe? A French couple might face up to six years in prison for allegedly stealing 90 pounds of sand from a beach in Sardinia. They were caught with 14 plastic bottles filled with sand in their SUV. It is illegal to remove Sardinia’s famed white sand, but it is often smuggled out and sold on the internet.

MAINE: A real “dead beat?” It appears that Ted Zarins, 28, of Fort Kent, allegedly pretended to be dead when the building owner came to collect the rent. Nevertheless, the landlord called police, they discovered Zarins very much alive and arrested him on an outstanding warrant.

KENYA: Telltale fart, maybe? We learn that a local assembly in Kenya halted a legislative debate when one of its members loudly passed gas. The accused “farter” insisted, “I am not the one. I cannot do such a thing in front of my colleagues.” In an effort to clear, the air the speaker of the assembly told everyone to take a break outside.

MASSACHUSETTS: The headline read, “Don’t text and drive -especially when your car is full of drugs.” It appears that a man was allegedly driving around five pounds of marijuana and other drugs when he was stopped by police in Connecticut for texting. Officers said they smelled marijuana coming from the car of Jesse Pomponio, 30, and found marijuana, 50 grams of cocaine, 17 grams of magic mushrooms, LSD and pills. What a haul…

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