Weird Criminal Law Stories # 636: Suspended Judge Dead?

NEW YORK: “Suspended Judge dead” – read the headline. Here’s the rest of the story. The obituary stated that an obese Westchester judge who was suspended for using her courtroom trash can as toilet has died, court files show. White Plains City Court Judge Elizabeth Shollenberger passed away in September 2019, at the age of 63. Judge Shollenberg, who suffered from an array of ailments, including hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and gastrointestinal issues, sued the state court system in 2018 after she was suspended for defecating in her courtroom trash can in a moment of desperation. Sad story…

SPAIN: The victim got a real kick out of this one. Champion female kick-boxer Iman Barlow, who lives in Britain and is known as the “Pretty Killer’ – and her boyfriend, a boxer named Stan Stannard, came to the rescue of a mugging victim on the island of Majorca. Two bandits had grabbed a $30,000 watch from their male victim who was there with his child. The fight was no contest – we hear that the victim certainly got a “kick” out of how the story ended.

TENNESSEE:  Too crabby for their own good? It has been reported that a mother and her daughter were arrested for allegedly stealing $200 worth of crab legs from a supermarket. Felicia Hollins, 56, and Gabrielle Hodges, 34, are accused of stuffing the crab legs into their purses at a Super Foods in Memphis. When the manager tried to stop them, one of the women allegedly became so “crabby” she hit the manager in the face with her purse. The ladies were arrested and charged with theft and assault.

SPAIN: Hairy medical mix-up? Doctors gave young children a drug thought to help with gastric reflux, but the children began sprouting “fur” all over their bodies. At least 17 children, some of them babies, developed “werewolf syndrome” as a result of accidentally taking minoxidil – a hair loss preparation known as Rogaine.

TEXAS:  Look before you squat! A Houston Airbnb renter had a surprise when he showed up at the home – and found a 4-foot-snake coiled in the toilet bowl. The startled renter shared a video of the black-and-gray reptile with a local TV station. It is not clear how the snake got there. We learn that Airbnb gave the renter a refund. GOOD!

UNITED KINGDOM: Only a half-baked drug bust. A “major airport drug bust” in England was ended when all charges we dismissed when a lab report revealed that the powder seized was actually vegan cake mix. A restaurant from Purezza, a veggie-centric eatery in London, was stopped by authorities who seized 25 blue bags of the mix at Gatwick Airport. We learn, further, that after the police lab checked the powder and returned the bags, the restaurant owner offered them slices of vegan cake.

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