Weird Criminal Law Stories # 648: A Few More Coronavirus Stories

GREECE: The Mommy Snitch! We learned in early April 2020, that a Greek citizen who had recently returned from Spain and was put in quarantine was fined $5,500 for breaking the order. Most shocking aspect of the episode, other than the fine, was the fact that his mother turned him in to police after he left the house. The man claimed he left home to go to a hotel after a fight with his family. OH BOO HOO…

MARYLAND: Forgiveness to go? We learn that a priest is running a drive-through confessional to help parishioners  repent hygienically  amid the corona virus pandemic. The Rev. Scott Holmer, of St. Edward the Confessor Parish in Bowie, blindfolded himself, sat a chair in the church parking lot and asked a volunteer to direct traffic. Penitents are spared from touching surfaces such as kneelers, chairs and knobs. They do not have to leave their cars. THANK GOD!

UNITED KINGDOM: He was bushed from sheltering in place. An Englishman was so desperate to get out of his house during the country’s coronavirus lockdown that he dressed up as a shrub to go outside incognito. Neighbors from the town of Sevenage, say they recorded the “bushman.” The video clip shows the man in a head to toe shrub getup running down a driveway and onto the street trying to blend  in with the other greenery. IDIOT…

UNITED KINGDOM: Hot to Help? A U.K-based medical fetish company donated its entire stock of disposable scrubs to real doctors and nurses to fight the coronavirus. Medfet UK gave the kink wear to an NHS hospital after learning of shortages, earning praises online.

WASHINGTON D.C.: Free condom-ents? We learn that a D.C. restaurant that has gone only to-go and delivery amid the corona virus pandemic is also handing out condoms with every order. “Don’t just cover your mouth,” the Asian eatery Toki Underground cautioned customers in an Instagram post.

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