Weird Criminal Law Stories #649: The Dog Made him Do It?

WASHINGTON: The dog made him do it! Recently a motorist led police on a chase on a Sunday in March 2020. When he was finally stopped, he said he was teaching his dog how to drive. Police did find the pup in the driver’s seat when they pulled over the 51-year-old man who allegedly was speeding at 100 mph from Marysville to Arlington and crashed into several cars along the way. COULD ALCOHOL BEEN INVOLVED???

PENNSYLVANIA: Meat Head! A man was arrested for breaking into his parents’ home to steal frozen meatballs, according to police. Michael Knepp, 43, allegedly waited until his elderly parents were away in Florida, then slipped into their home in the town of Ridgeway. He also stole a bag of chocolate chips. WHAT A DOLT!

NEBRASKA: The headline read, “FREEZE.” It appears that cold-hearted crooks made off with $12,000 worth of ice cream. Police in Lincoln are investigating the theft of 61 bags of Dippin’ Dots treats. We also learn the crooks also made off with a $17,000 industrial freezer.

NEW MEXICO: The headline read, “No holds barred.” A man allegedly trying to kidnap three children was foiled by a high school wrestler who pinned him to the ground. Canaan Bower, 16, was filing his truck with gas in Las Cruces when he noticed a man punching a woman and demanding that the children go with him. Canaan – who had recently won a heavyweight wrestling championship body slammed the man and held him in a choke hold until police arrived.

OHIO: The headline read, “He wanted to make sure he was covered.” Police  are looking for a man who stole more than $1,500 worth of condoms from a CVS. The burglary took place in March 2020 in Columbus. No other items were reported stolen. No arrest had yet been made.

OHIO:   Robbery report took a very wild turn. Columbus police, responding to claims of a man with a gun and a dispute over an Xbox found the man, the gun – and a live 3-foot-long alligator in  a closet. Brian Peoples, 23, was arrested on a gun charge. The alligator was removed because the owner didn’t have required permits.

OREGON: A real hot seat… An explosion launched  a couch onto a power line 30 feet off  the ground. Unidentified near-do-wells in Deschutes County on a Sunday in March 2020 detonated an explosive device that blew up a mattress and the couch, official said. Authorities removed the couch from the power lines and were seeking a man and a woman in their 30’s who may have caused the blast.

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