Weird Criminal Law Stories #660: Pinned!

NEW YORK CITY: PINNED! An attempted carjacker was clinging to life in the hospital after his intended victim hit the gas, pinning him against a pole in the Bronx, police said. The 24-year-old driver had pulled over his Jeep Cherokee just after midnight on a Tuesday when three men tried to pull him out of the car. The driver accelerated and pinned one man to a pole. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The two other suspects fled. The driver is in stable condition

CANADA: Watery Idiot! A Winnipeg man allegedly stole a cash register – and then tried to get away by jumping on an icy river. The 32-year-old fell through cracked ice, but kept trying to swim in the chilly waters. He stayed there for half an hour before finally agreeing to be pulled out by rescuers. Once out of the river he was charged with breaking and entering and theft.

DENMARK:  “It’s maul over for minks,” read the headline. We just learned that the country will slaughter its entire herd of up to 17 million mink after they were found to have a coronavirus mutation that was spreading to humans, posing a risk to vaccine efforts, its prime minister announced in November 2020. The report reveals that half of 783 infected Danes in the northern part of the country, home to many mink farms with the mutated strain. In October authorities announced plans to cull at least 2.5 million minks after outbreaks in at least 63 farms.

FLORIDA: Dopey? An 18-year-old man  brought a BB gun and fake badge to Disney Springs and tried to pass himself off as a Drug Enforcement Administration agent. Nathaniel Smith’s imposter act fell flat. He was stopped by real law enforcers when he set off the metal detectors in the security area.

FLORIDA: Risky dog lover? Richard Wilbanks risked his life to save his beloved puppy, Gunner, from the lethal grip of an alligator after the gator snatched the pup and dragged him into a pond in the town of Estero. Wilbanks immediately jumped into the water and pried open the gator’s jaws to rescue his pet.

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