Weird Criminal Law Stories #661: What a Blast

MICHIGAN: What a blast?  It has been reported that  a mother  unwittingly caused a garbage truck explosion after dumping chemicals her teenage son was using to make fireworks. The truck blew up in Bloomfield Township, sending trash flying in the residential neighborhood. The blast occurred when the chemicals got mixed together, fire officials said. No arrests were made.

PUERTO RICO: True, no good deed goes unpunished. We learn that a good Samaritan stopped to help a man in a traffic accident – only to see a bandit steal his car. The incident occurred during rush hour on a busy highway in San Juan after the vehicle of the victim flipped over. The car involved in the accident had also been stolen.

RUSSIA: Nudie pictures gone viral? It has been reported the photos of Tsar Nicholas II skinny dipping more than 1000 years ago have gone viral on social media. The images reveal the buff Russian leader swimming with friends during a visit to Finland in 1912. The photos were first released in 2018 by the Russian State Achieve to mark the 100th anniversary of the execution of Nicholas and his family.

ILLINOIS: He stuck it to them? A so-called badass 81-year-old Chicago resident fought off three thieves with a walking stick. After Dan Donovan spotted the bandits rummaging through his home, he whipped out his grandfather’s Irish walking cane, struck one thief in the head and the group fled in a SUV, according to police.

PENNSYLVANIA:  The headline simply read, Mid-evil. A man was arrested for shattering his neighbor’s windshield with a medieval spiked mace. James Gleason, Jr, 38 of the town of Emmaus is accused of going berserk with the weapon because the other  fellow made sexual comments about his wife. Along with the car, he struck his neighbor several times and was charged with aggravated-assault charges.

OREGON: $2.9 Million lawsuit? A man who was depressed over his failing marriage went to his family doctor for help – only to learn that the doctor was having an affair with his wife, according to the lawsuit. Longtime Bend doctor Ronald Rosen prescribed marijuana and CBD to treat Pierson Tone’s depression. However, Tone allegedly learned later that the doctor had been involved with his wife for an extended period of time. Tone is  now seeking $2.9 Million from Rosen in a lawsuit for professional negligence.

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