Weird Criminal Law Stories # 662: Kicker?

ARGENTINA: “Kicker” girl stops a thief. A 4-foot-11 young lady who knew a thing or two about mixed martial arts taught an alleged cellphone thief that she would not be get kicked around. Brisa, 20, of Mar del Plata, gave chase when her phone was swiped after she left work in early December 2020. With the help of a friend, she caught up with the suspect and shouted at bystanders to hold him as she went to town on him – delivering a  series of MMA blows that left him bloodied and bruised, according to a report. Brisa kept the man in her grip until the police arrived and hauled him off to jail.

THAILAND: Pro-democracy protesters are fighting tear gas and water cannons with new and unique mascots – giant inflatable ducks. We learn that a collection of blow-up water fowl was brought to the protests seeking curbs on the country’s monarchy as a joke, but when police started blasting the crowds, the ducks became impromptu shields. Social media was filled with images of the battered ducks after the confrontations, and even more ducks appeared the following day, along with people carrying signs praising the ducks’ bravery.

VIRGINA: Jail for a bank fraudster! A northern Virginia banker who admitted illegally receiving $1.4 million  in fraudulently obtained coronavirus relief funds was sentenced to a year in prison. Tarik Jaafar, 43, was arrested at JFK Airport after purchasing  one-way- tickets to  Poland in June 2020,  Authorities said he and his wife had 18 bags of luggage and nearly $50,000 in cash with them. He admitted filing 18 different applications using various shell companies under a federal program meant for businesses struggling under the pandemic.

WASHINGTON: A silly self-arrest?  It has been reported that a blabbermouth was midway through an interview for a job at a police station when he let out a dark secret slip – and was arrested. While undergoing a background check and polygraph test at the Washington State Patrol, the 32-year-old man allegedly admitted to raping two children.

UNITED KINGDOM: Cartoon characters listed as defendants in court? Yes, a slew of charters – Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck among them were listed as defendants in a UK court after a systems-testing flub. The Crown Court in Hanley accidentally posted a schedule noting the fictional folks, including Tinker Bell, Buzz Lightyear and Captain Hook, were due to appear in front of a judge. Officials apologized to the court for failing to delete the names before its new online system went live.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Dying patients still deny the deadly Coronavirus. Jodi Doering, an emergency-room nurse, said she has seen gravely ill patients gasping for breath but adamant that the pandemic doesn’t exist. “Their last dying words are “This can’t be happening. It’s not real.” She recently observed.

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