Weird Criminal Law Stories # 663: Flamethrower…

NEW YORK CITY: Flamethrower? We learn that a hothead with a flamethrower hopped on top of a city bus in Brooklyn and torched the air above as onlookers filmed and cheered – sparking outrage by city officials and police. The stunt was part of a Wu-Tang Clan tribute video by local rapper Dupree G.O. D. Dupree turned himself in to police the next day, claiming it was a P.R. stunt. He was not jailed but must return to court on a day appointed. There were no injuries.

SINGAPORE: A man  is paying the price for his smiley face. It was reported that activist Jolovan, Wham 34, had been given a $5,000 fine for a photo-op in which he stood outside a police station and had his picture taken while holding a cardboard sign with the smiley face drawn on it. The incident was Wham’s way of showing support for a fellow activist who had been questioned by police. Authorities claim Wham was protesting without a permit.

ALASKA: The headline read, “brace” yourself for prison? We learn that a dentist who pulled an unconscious patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard was sentenced to twelve years in prison. Seth Lookhart was given the prison stretch on a Monday in mid-September in Anchorage for crimes that ranged from the hoverboard stunt to Medicare fraud and extracting patient’s teeth without their permission.

  AUSTRALIA: She had not bought an importation permit. We learn that female citizen returned  home  with an $18,900 alligator skin handbag was destroyed by custom officers because she didn’t buy a $50 importation permit. Border patrol officers seized  the purse at an air cargo hub in Perth after she bought it from a St. Laurent boutique in France, according to authorities, who closely monitor gator-made items. The purse was suspected to be linked to the illegal wildlife trade.

 ECUADOR: Quite a Zoom Lesson? Two burglars were arrested for breaking into a home and robbing a student while 25 other classmates witnessed the crime on Zoom and sounded the alarm. The crooks were unaware when they broke into the house in the town of Ambato that  student, Maria Jose was taking her online English class. The screen with Maria being robbed froze as they swiped her laptop. Her fellow students alerted their teacher, and authorities later caught the two perps.

  FLORIDA:   Hands on self-help? A woman was arrested on a Tuesday in early September for stripping down and trying out a sex toy in an adult novelty store. Police said they walked in on Theresa Stanley, 36, in the storeroom of the Lion’s Den Superstore in Fort Pierce as she used the device.

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