Weird Criminal Law Stories # 664: Doing it in the road….

FLORIDA: Road Show??? A couple was arrested for allegedly having sex on the side of a road. Police reported that Amber Gormley, 39, and Shawn McClelland, 30, got it on in the town of Largo on a Saturday afternoon. Drivers told police they saw McClelland performing oral sex on Gormley and witnessed them having intercourse. Each were charged with lewd and lascivious exhibition, police reported.

FLORIDA: Some croc? Authorities were sent to check out a report of an alligator staking out a shed – only to find it was actually a gator-shaped pool floatie. “Deputy Trexler went to  call about an alligator in  a storage shed. He came…he saw…he conquered the beast,” the Polk County Sheriff tweeted, along with a photo of the deputy pretending to wrestle the floatie.

  IDAHO: IRONY, MAYBE?  We learn that when coronavirus cases began increasing  in the city of Coeur d’Alene in late July 2020, Pastor Paul Van Noy prayed with his congregation that the city council would not pass a mask mandate. The health department thereafter did pass an order requiring adults to wear masks when in public. The next day Van Noy assured his congregation they did not have to wear masks in his church. A little over a month later he and his wife contracted the virus. As of mid-September, Pastor Van Noy has landed in a hospital and sent to the intensive unit struggling to breathe.

 ILLINOIS: Chomp! Chew, Chomp! We learn that a World War II veteran with a sweet tooth has been granted his last wish – to be buried in a casket painted like a pack of Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Suttie Economy, 94, developed a taste for the gum while in the war. He will have his request granted after his death thanks to his longtime pal.  Sammy Oakey of Oakey’s Funeral Service received permission from the Mars Wrigley Company to use the iconic yellow chewing gum logo.

 INDIA: At least their hands were clean. It was reported that two jewelry thieves sanitized their hands before their heist. Surveillance footage showed the mask-wearing duo accepting hand sanitizer as they entered the store, before shipping out guns.

ISRAEL: Baggies rains forth the holy land? On the first Thursday of this month a drone dropped baggies of marijuana onto a town square as activists said it is time that pot be legalized. We learn that dozens rained down  from the sky in Tel Aviv – and leading to  people running into the streets to snag them and leading to two arrests. Two men who allegedly operated the weed  dropping drone were likely linked to a pro-legalization group that  vowed to unleash the gift of Mary Jane.


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