Weird Criminal Law Stories # 676: OOOOPS!

BRAZIL:  True exposure? A TV journalist interviewing a politician on a video call revealed the naked truth – when his wife walked through the background of the shot nude. Fabio Porchat’s wife tried to  sneak across the frame wearing only a towel on her head as he questioned former presidential candidate Guilherme Castro Boulos on the show “Politics Live.” WE HOPE IT WAS A GOOD SHOWER…

BRAZIL: “Hair of the dog?” A man was arrested in July 2020 for running an illegal bar disguised as a pet shop amid the coronavirus shutdown. Sixteen boozehounds were caught downing drinks in a hidden wing of the store in the city of Petropolis, according to authorities who raided and shut down the business. Also, there were no actual animals in this would be pet store. ARF, ARF…. WOOF, WOOF…

CHINA: Near Death Experience – EEL? During July 2020,  a Man in Guangdong Province suffered a near-death experience after he attempted to relieve persistent constipation by inserting a live eel into his rectum. Unfortunately, the eel did not solve his problem, instead perforating the man’s digestive tract and sending him into septic shock. We learn that the eel met his demise and was removed  by doctors via an emergency laparotomy.  MORON

CHINA: OUCH! It has been reported that a youngster had a 5-foot metal wire surgically removed from his bladder after it was there for five years. The now-10-year-old inserted the wire into his penis “out of boredom,” his father said. The boy starting urinating blood but is on the mend after emergency surgery in the province of Jiangxi.     OUCH,  OUCH!!!

FLORIDA: The headline read, “Shaq with an assist!” In mid-July a woman whose car had blown a tire on the highway was stunned to get some help from NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal was driving near Gainesville when he spotted the stranded lady and pulled over to give her a hand. The  basketball star stayed with her until police arrived at the scene, then fist-bumped the officers – and bounced.

                   HE WAS A REALLY A“BIG” HELP

FLORIDA: Wrong way Corrigan? Police arrested  a man who allegedly admitted to intentionally driving on the wrong side, forcing on-coming off the road, to “scare” misbehaving children in his car. Timothy Gajka, 42, of Crestview, was charged with DUI, child neglect and possession of marijuana.

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