Weird Criminal Law Stories # 681: Prostate Sex Assault?

NEW JERSEY: Hypnotist prostate sex assault? A man who touts himself as a master hypnotist told clients he needed to give them prostate exams – then sexually assaulted them, prosecutors say. Robert Bruckner, 55, of the town of Randolph was arrested in  early-October 2020, on charges of sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child and practicing medicine without a license after some clients reported he subjected them to what he described as prostate exams. It is unclear to prosecutors whether anyone was assaulted while they were hypnotized. Nevertheless, he has remained in jail while prosecutors seek further evidence.

PENNSYLVANIA: No, no fortune cookie could predict this. Three men blew up an ATM in a Chinese takeout restaurant in Philly while the eatery was open and doing business – but they weren’t able to get any cash, police report. The trio detonated an explosive device that sent items flying off the counter. They were also unable to remove the cash box and fled.

 LOUSIANA:  Nuts, maybe! We learn  from news in Evangeline Parish that a bandit dressed head-to-toe in a chipmunk costume in early-October robbed a pharmacy of drugs at gunpoint, according to police. During the stick-up, the costumed thief was caught on camera ordering a worker to fill a bag with narcotics. We learn further that the pistol-packing chipmunk took it on the lam through a rear entrance.

FLORIDA: Not a leg to stand on? Two men allegedly snatched a prosthetic limb and were taken to jail for charges of strong-arm robbery, according to police. Larry Stothers, 41, and Jayson Rappa, had just accused the victim of stealing a backpack in the town of Largo. Police report the men argued, then, then the duo allegedly made off with the carbon fiber leg.

NEW JERSEY: A new beauty salon with a risqué name. The salon is named the “Blow Job” –  it offers hair blowouts, extensions and children’s’ cuts. The salon opened its doors in Hoboken on the first of October. Some witty neighbors claimed the salon would offer other stylists in town with some stiff competition.

UNITED KINGDOM: The headline read, “Polly wanna… curse you out. Five parrots donated to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in England were banished to a back room within days after squawking swear words at visitors. “F__K off!” the African greys – Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson, and Billy – repeatedly told astonished parkgoers.

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