Weird Criminal Law Stories # 680: A hairy situation…

TENNESSEE:  A hairy situation? We learn that a drunk, topless woman was caught munching on the mane of a miniature horse – and told police in 2020 it was made of candy. Cynthia Teeple was charged with public intoxication after telling Campbell County Sheriff’s deputies that “the horse’s hair was made of Laffy Taffy and Airhead candy.”

ZAMBIA:  Wife chews out Hubby. A story from this African country reveals that a woman who sank her teeth into her husband’s genitals was because she was so mad that he refused to kill a rat. Abraham Musonda, 52, suffered the awful injury when his wife Mukups, 40, returned to  their home in the town of Kitwee after drinking with their friends and discovered the rodent. The report reveals, further, Mukupa asked Musonda to get rid of the rodent – then she gnawed into his manhood when he refused, causing a major tear. He had to be hospitalized. No charges…

NEW YORK: The headline read, “He’ll stick it out.”  We learn that an upstate man who was arrested for erecting a wooden penis sculpture in his front yard said he plans to fight the charges. Jamie Gagne, 32, of the town of Wilton – who carved the seven -foot phallus out of pine – pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor public display of sexual material. HOW TURGID!

VIETNAM: Nasty shocking recycling? It has been reported that a factory was shut down and the owner arrested for washing and reselling more than 320,000 used condoms, according to the police who raided the operation. In order to recycle the used rubbers, Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, 32, allegedly had 1,000 of them delivered per month to the facility in Tan Uyen. She then cleaned and reshaped them with a wooden shaft to pass them off as new.

TENNESSEE:  Hello 911, 1,100 Times? It has been reported that a lonely man has been arrested after calling 911 more than 1,100 times over the past six weeks. Investigators allege Huu Nguyen, 54, of Memphis was so hungry for attention during one call that he offered to sell the dispatcher egg rolls.

UNITED KINGDOM: The headline read,  “It’s a pandemic  stunt for the hiss-story books.” It has been reported that a straphanger boarded a bus in England wearing a massive snake wrapped around his face as a coronavirus mask. The man’s scaly accessory caused some riders to recoil, prompting transportation officials in Manchester to warn that snakes cannot be used as face coverings.

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