Weird Criminal Law Stories # 679: Mooving Story!

BOTSWANA”  No butts about it! We learn that painting eyes on cows’ rumps can keep them safe. In Botswana, where cows are often eaten by lions, were attacked less often when farmers painted eyes on the cow’s rear ends, according to a study published in the journal Communications Biology.        WHAT A MOOOVING STORY!

THAILAND:  Coconut-picking machines?  We learn that many western retailers are boycotting  coconuts from the country amid allegations that monkeys are made to harvest them under inhuman conditions. Animal-rights group PETA said the pigtail macaques were being treated like “coconut-picking machines.


UNITED KINGDOM: Plagues, Maybe? We learn that first it was Brexit. Then came the coronavirus. Now the Brits are having to battle hordes of disease-ridden horseflies that have invaded parks and gardens in UK cities. It is reported that half-inch-long flies, which usually found in rural area, thrive in hot humid conditions, and are expected to multiply with upcoming thunderstorms predicted.

FLORIDA: Hold on tight!… A man jumped onto the hood of a semi tractor-trailer and held on for nine miles as it traveled down a highway. We learn that the incident unfolded on a Saturday in August afternoon, when  man bolted from his own car on an exit ramp and waved down the truck driver. He then began banging the hood with a metal object, as the trucker speeded up in an attempt to shake the man off. Police were able to pull the truck over and took the man to a hospital for evaluation.

FLORIDA: Blame it on the Alcohol…& Trump. An elderly man was arrested for drunken driving contended that watching President Trump on the TV drove him to drink, police said. Cary D Van, 82, was cited on a Thursday in August after allegedly crashing his gold cart in in Sumtner County. He told the officers he had been watching  Trump on TV “then he got really mad at what he said” and started drinking vodka.

CHINA: “It took guts to survive this fall,” read the headline. It has been reported that a 500-pound man’s belly kept him from accidentally plunging into a water well in Henan province. Instead, the 28-year-old became wedged into a hole up to his waist after falling through the well’s wooden cover, authorities reported. Firefighters tied a rope stomach and pulled him out.

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