Weird Criminal Law Stories # 678: Splash!

LOUISIANA: The headline read, “Get trout of here!” A man was arrested after going for a swim in a gigantic fish tank at a recreation store, authorities said. Kevin Wise, 26, was charged with simple criminal damage to property for his alleged dip at the Bass Pro Shops outlet in Bossier City. Video shows fully clothed Wise swimming in the indoor aquarium then making a soggy run for  it before caught by police.  SPLASH! 

NIGERIA: Guns and Cows?  In July 2020, it was reported that the state of Zamfara had in initiated a novel gun buy-back program, offering two cows to anyone turning in an AK-47 assault rifle. It appears that the state had been long plagued by gun toting biker bandits. The governor of the state said “We are asking them to bring us an AK-47 and get two cows in return, this will empower and encourage  them.”    SO FAR THERE ARE NO TAKERS FOR THE GUN SWAP

IOWA: Animal cruelty protest?  A man was arrested after lighting his own house on fire to protest animal cruelty at hog farms. Dwaine Bauman, 49, allegedly also set two vehicles, a barn and 100 bales of hay ablaze during a 7-hour-long  armed standoff with police at his home near the town of Grinnell.

MEXICO: The illegal sport of cock fighting has gone online … Since the pandemic outbreak cock fighting is being recorded and broadcast live on social media including Facebook and Google Meet. However, the tech advancement is making it tougher for Mexican law enforcement to raid the games, since there are no longer alerted by the large crowds.  GENIUS                  

NORWAY: Elvis lives? It has been reported that a Norwegian Elvis Presley impersonator broke a Guinness World Record when he put on a marathon performance and sang songs by Elvis for more than two days. Kjell Henning Bjornstad, 52, started his performance on a Thursday in late July in at a bar in Oslo and kept it up for a record 50 hours, 50 minutes and 50 seconds.

                   WE BET HE NOW HAS A SORE THROAT!

OHIO: “He’s no father of the year,” read the headline. A thief in Maumee robbed a credit union while holding a toddler. The man slipped a teller a note at bank branch, claiming to have a bomb. He fled with the loot and the kid. He is being sought by the FBI.

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