Weird Criminal Law Stories # 684: Mostly Motley Turn Coats!

New York: TURN COAT! We learn that Jeffrey Sabol, 51, a geophysicist from Colorado was identified as the man that who allegedly dragged a federal police officer down a flight of stairs and began beating him the during the January 6, 2021, stormy riot at the US Capitol Building by President Trump supporters who sought to quell the final certification of the November election making Joseph Biden the new president. Sabol who grew up in upstate New York was captured on video in the frenzied crowd at the capitol. Sabol admitted the clash with the officer at the riot, but claimed he was in a “fit of rage.” After the riot Sabol traveled to the New York City area, where he contemplated fleeing the country and attempted suicide. He was arrested by the FBI at the Westchester county medical Center. At his first court appearance prosecutors brought forth evidence that Sabol had bought a plane ticket to Zurich, Switzerland, a non-extradition country with the US. He was not granted bail and is in the hospital recovering from his suicide attempt.

TEXAS: TURN COAT # 2! The Relator who flew on a private jet to take part in the US Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, has now begged for donations for her legal fees and business losses was booted from PayPal. Jenna Ryan, who said she has “no guilt in my heart,” tweeted “I am accepting donations to pay legal fees and losses due to my arrest and charges by the FBI for protesting at the US Capitol… I was setup on fundly, but they shut me down saying I’m a racist. So now I’m on PayPal.” She indicated that she raised $1,000 – but later the same day PayPal had closed her account.

New York: TURN COATS 3 &4!  It has been reported that Steve Rosati a Long Island Rail Road conductor has been suspended without pay after internet sleuths uncovered his social media posts placed him among the hordes at the January 6 Capitol riot. The chairman of the Metro Transportation Authority (MTA) has branded him a “jackass” – pending a probe into his alleged role in the deadly siege at the US Capitol. The report also reveals that another MTA worker, Will Pepe has already been charged in the bloody attack.

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