Weird Criminal Law Stories # 685: Big Foot News

OKLAHOMA: Big Foot News? A lawmaker wants to create an official hunting season for “trapping” the elusive upright-walking ape. Rep, Justin Murphy is pushing legislation that establishes rules, fees, and licenses for Sasquatch hunting season to boost tourism. He says, he also hopes to include a $25000 bounty for whoever captures the creature alive.

CANADA: Wholly bananas? More than 20 bricks of cocaine hidden in boxes of fruit were accidentally shipped to a grocery store, authorities said. The owner of the British Columbia shop was stunned to find the drugs in a package sent from Colombia, and quickly called police. Investigators determined the drug shipment was a result of a botched pickup.

TEXAS: Foolish fast-food run! We learn that a bandit swiped an ambulance and drove it with the emergency lights on to a Jack in the Box for a snack, according police in late-January 2021. The thief allegedly jumped into the ambulance while paramedics were responding to a call in Houston, and hit the gas. He was arrested by police in the drive-thru.

UTAH: Impersonator arrested… We learn that Daniel Wright, 47, accused of impersonating a Sheriff’s deputy in a Salt Lake County Sheriff’s jacket gave himself away snatching a doughnut from a 7-Eleven in the town of Lehi. A store clerk reported Wright to real officers, who arrested him.

EGYPT: Indecent cakes? We learn that a woman was arrested in late-January 2021, for baking “indecent cakes.” The pastries – topped with fondant icing shaped like genitalia and underwear – were made for a birthday party at a Cairo sports club. The baker was taken into custody and later released on $319 bail. Partygoers may also face legal action for the baked goods, the report said.

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