Weird Criminal Law Stories #687: Geezer Party?

UNITED KINGDOM: Geezer party, maybe? Recently police rushed to a venue in England to break up an “Illegal rave” – only to find it was a crowd of elderly people waiting to get vaccinated. Worried neighbors had called police to report revelers possibly flouting coronavirus regulations outside the Saxon Hall event space before dawn on a Friday in Essex.

SOUTH CAROLINA: New and high thrills? A couple was arrested in mid-January 2021, for filming themselves having sex on top of a popular oceanside Ferris wheel, according to police. The pair were allegedly caught making whoopie on the SkyWheel ride in Myrtle Beach – in full view of passersby – then releasing the footage on a porn site. Police charged them with indecent exposure and making prohibited obscene material.

INDIANA: Not practical and on the books too long. We learn that LaGrange County, has repealed a 1971 law that was intended to block huge gatherings like the 1969 Woodstock music festival. The law was recently dropped as part of an effort to repeal ordinances that have no practical use but have been on the books for as long as 100 years.

CANADA: One way to beat curfew. We learn that  a woman tried to beat a coronavirus curfew by walking her husband on a leash. The 24-year-old lady, when stopped at 9 pm, told police she was just out “walking her dog” near her Sherbrooke, Quebec, home during an 8 pm to 5 am curfew – which has a dog-walking exception. Officials fined her $1.27.

CANADA: A “near-wipeout.” Firefighters raced to save a “sacred” shipment of toilet paper after a truck carrying it burst into flames on a Sunday in late December 2020 on a highway in Alberta. Canmore Fire Chief and his crew tried to salvage as many rolls as possible given pandemic-induced shortages. The fire Chief said “Every toilet roll is sacred these days.

CHINA: Six-year protest over hospital bill? We learn that a patient, known as Tian, was admitted to the Beijing hospital for chronic vomiting in 2014 and spent three days there. Yet after receiving the bill, he and his parents sued and refused to leave – until the first week in 2021, when the hospital paid them $73,000, to get lost.

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