Weird Criminal Law Stories # 688 Don’t Sled on the Dead!

GERMANY:  “Don’t sled on the dead,” read the headline to this story. We learn that dummkopfs have been tobogganing over a graveyard at a former Nazi Concentration camp site in Germany, sparking outrage and a warning from management. The sledders zoomed down a hillside next to a mass grave in the Buchenwald memorial site in Weimar, where more than 56,000 people died between 1935 and 1943. “Disturbing the peace of the dead” is  punishable by fine, management said.

GERMANY: They say it was a jaw dropping heist! A cemetery worker in Wurzburg, swiped nearly a  dozen sets of gold teeth from the deceased, police said. The thief is accused of robbing graves to get at least 20 pieces of gold, including 10 sets of false teeth.

ISRAEL: Palestinian “techno queen”? During the Holiday season of 2020 a Palestinian “techno queen” was arrested for hosting a rave at a holy Muslim site in the West Bank near the city of Jericho. Sama Abdulhadi – who is an international DJ was arrested at the shrine of Nabi Musa. We learn that dozens of partygoers drank and socialized at the mosque, which is believed to be the burial site of Moses in Muslim tradition.

JAPAN: “Loo-dicrous,” read the headline? A thief was arrested for allegedly stealing scores of toilets from houses under construction. Ryusei Takada, a 26-year-old construction worker, stole 18 items, mostly pricey porcelain thrones, from sites where he had worked –  and then resold them.

KENTUCKY:  A new way to get rid of the snow… It was  recently reported that a man threw his  snow shovel aside when the snow piled up on his driveway – and  picked up his flame-thrower instead. Timothy Browning stunned neighbors when he walked out of his house in a bathrobe, socks, slippers, and a hat and fired up.

NEW JERSEY: Why did the chickens cross the road? In early-January 2021 an angry flock of hens “wreaked havoc” at a McDonald drive-thru – attacking customers and forcing police to rush to the rescue, according to police. The angry hens ran a “fowl” of the law – chasing, pecking, and harassing customers in Washington Township, prompting one witness to call 911. Ultimately, the hens were wrangled and put up for adoption.

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