Weird Criminal law Stories # 511: Injured genitals?

IRELAND: Injured genitals? It has been reported that a burglar in Ireland, caught and prosecuted in 2015, is now suing his victim – claiming he injured his genitals during the break-in. The unidentified thief who received a suspended sentence, said he suffered the injury to his manhood by running into store shelves while fleeing. “I received a letter from his lawyer asking me to take all responsibility for the accident,” said Kevin, the Kings court store owner.


NEW JERSEY: $1,500 belt swiped and found! A passenger at Newark Airport in early January 2018, took off his $1,500 Louis Vuitton belt for a security screening and it was allegedly stolen by a janitor, according to Port Authority police. The New Jersey man, 28, took off his belt when he went through security around 8 pm, but couldn’t find it at the other end, so he reported it stolen. Police scanned security footage and saw airport cleaner Osmal Reyes, 43, allegedly in possession of the belt. We learn that Reyes faces a charge of theft after police confronted him and found the belt rolled up in a side pocket of his work trolley.


NEW YORK CITY: Lady Godiva she wasn’t! We learn that an irate Manhattan judge gave a harsh sentence to an abusive father who forced the mother of his child to walk naked through the winter streets of Harlem for texting other men. The judge lambasted Jason Melo for his views that were derived from outdated medieval interpretation of gender roles that had “belonged to the dark ages.” Manhattan Criminal Court Justice sentenced Melo to prison from 2 1/3 years to seven years. Melo had earlier been convicted by a jury on counts of coercion, assault, menacing, aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.


MINNESOTA: Sober as a Judge? Bad Judge? A judge pleaded guilty to drunken driving after running a stop sign on New Year’s Day with twice the legal blood alcohol concentration. Ramsey County District Court Judge Tony Atwal apologized for his “poor decision” to drive with a BAC of 0.17. He received a sentence of 18 days of house arrest and probation.




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