Weird Criminal Law Stories # 512: The shampoo thief and the tour bus…

NEW YORK CITY: The shampoo thief and the tour bus. A drunken dandruff-shampoo thief dashed out of a drug store near times Square one Friday afternoon in January 2018 – and ran smack into a tour bus, breaking his leg and at least one of the plastic bottles of stolen shampoo. The unidentified man wound up splayed out on the pavement on 47th Street at Eighth Avenue, along with nine $8.95 bottles of Head & Shoulders Old Spice Swagger Shampoo for men. He was placed on a gurney and taken to Bellvue Hospital, said a police source who descried the man as 39-years old, homeless, emotionally disturbed and “highly intoxicated.”


NORTH CAROLINA: Stolen puppy returned.  The theft of a little girl’s new puppy was a drug-fueled inside job. We learn that the stepfather, Christopher Eakes, 41, was charged in early January with stealing the eight-week old Yorkie from their shared home in the town of Dudley and trading it for crystal meth, police report. The puppy was captured and returned to the child.


OHIO: The headline read, “He popped the vault, then he popped the question.” Early this year a man was accused of robbing a bank and using the stolen proceeds to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. Dustin, Pederson, 36, allegedly stole $8,000 from a Fifth Third Bank in the town of Trenton and then bought a $4,500 ring less than an hour later. He was soon caught and arrested. There is no news concerning the proposed wedding date.


PENNSLVANIA: Top Cop in teen-sex bust? We learn that the wife of a police chief charged with soliciting sex online from an undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old girl says her family has been shattered. Leechburg Police Chief Michael Diebold’s wife released a statement about the matter in the second week of January of this year. The police chief, 40, was arrested two days earlier than his wife’s statement at a spot where he allegedly hoped to meet the girl he thought he had been communicating. Diebold is listed on the Leechburg Website. A message to the Leechburg police Department was never returned.



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