Weird Criminal Law Stories # 513: Send in the elephants?

SRI LANKA: Send in the elephants? A stampede of elephants forced Sri Lankan police to flee from a stakeout. We learn that the police were spying on a suspected marijuana growing operation near a nature preserve when the pachyderms came running. “The officers dropped their weapons and fled to save their lives when the elephants charged,” police said in a statement. We wonder whether the marijuana growers had anything to do with siccing the elephants on the police?


CALIFORNIA: They deserve each other. Thieves broke open a mailbox and swiped a package – which was filled with 500 cockroaches.  Rosalinda Vizina, an entomologist from Seaside, said the roaches were for a study. “I hope they went everywhere,” she said.


TENNESSEE: He was “bugged” out. A naked man high on a mixture of bug spray and crystal meth terrorized a family when he broke into their house during dinner and cut his throat in front of them, police said. Danny Hollis, Jr. told police he doesn’t remember busting into the Lawrence County house – or sitting naked at their dinner table before slicing his neck and jumping out a second story window.


TEXAS: God said the defendant was not guilty? A judge barged into a jury deliberation room to announce “God” had told him the defendant in the case was not guilty. Comal County Judge jack Robinson later apologized for the interruption but said, “When the Lord tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it, according to a report. Unfortunately, the jury didn’t get the news from the Lord. They found Gloria Romero-Perez guilty of trafficking a teenage girl.


TEXAS: Graffiti tacos? It has been reported that a mysterious graffiti artist has been spraying large purple tacos on houses in Dallas. The cartoonish image of the Mexican food with rising aroma waves has baffled and outraged homeowners who contend it is expensive to remove. The taco art has also popped up on some storefronts, fences and a dumpster. No arrest has been made of the artist.



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