Weird Criminal Law Stories # 523: More Florida Stories

FLORIDA:  Crash, Bang… A Florida man had hidden himself from police in the drywall above a shower, that is, until it gave way and he came crashing onto the bathroom floor. The man who had several felony convictions on his record was being chased by police when he bolted into a woman’s apartment in Winter Haven, sparking a search with a police dog. He was arrested on the bathroom floor and taken into custody.


FLORIDA:  BANG, BANG….  A man in the city of Hialeah was not happy when multiple AT&T work trucks parked in front of his home. Unfortunately, he did what he thought was the only reasonable thing to do – he pulled out his gun. He shot out multiple tires and engines before he was arrested, according to the Hialeah police report.


FLORIDA:  The headline read, “His excuse didn’t smell right, and yet…” Deputies stopped and pulled over a driver for expired tags, and smelled marijuana. The driver insisted it was his gloves that smelled like marijuana. It appears that Anthony Macias, 33, may have been correct when he told Monroe County sheriff deputies that his gloves “have a similar smell to marijuana,” according to the arrest report, because no marijuana was found in the vehicle. However, deputies did discover 16 grams of cocaine in the Ford E250 truck, officials said. An arrest was made.


FLORIDA:  Dumkopf! A burglar broke into a house in the town of Palm Bay. Unfortunately, for him the house turned out to be a police detective’s home. The detective allegedly spotted Zachary Newman, 25, on surveillance footage on a Sunday breaking into his home and called the police department. Newman was arrested after being found hiding in a Porta Potty near the home with property he had taken from the home.


FLORIDA: The headline read, “Yolks on them.” Two young pranksters who thought it would be fun to throw eggs at a bicycle rider ended up in handcuffs after their alleged target, an off-duty police officer, chased them down. Lakeland Lt. Michael Lewis was cycling during his lunch hour when he felt something hitting the back of his helmet. The officer then called for motorized backup to pursue the young men in their car. We learn that John Stone and Hunter Jones, both 18, were arrested on misdemeanor charges.


FLORIDA:  Almost naked as a jaybird? It has been reported that Alexandra Pablos, 26, got most of her jail jumpsuit caught in the fence while escaping from the Orange County jail, early in July, according to officials. Thus, when a police dog wrestled her into submission she was wearing only a bra, panties and a jail ID card around her neck.


FLORIDA: The headline read, “He could not have been louder about his missing powder.” While responding to a call about a burglary one Sunday in July of this year, police in Fort Walton Beach, discovered an agitated man claiming to be a drug dealer in need of assistance. David Blackmon told deputies from the Okaloosa Sheriff’s office that a thief had broken into his car and stole $50 in cash and a quarter once of cocaine, according to the Miami Herald newspaper. Authorities confirmed that the items seemed to be missing from where the 35-year-old said he put them; however, the deputies were able to help Blackmon locate a second bag of cocaine that he had left on the center console, at which point they began reading him his Miranda rights. Deputies also found a crack pipe and crack rock inside the car. Blackmon was charged with felony possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. The IDIOT was released on $4,000 bond.




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