Weird Criminal Law Stories # 547: “Ono she didn’t”

CANADA: The headline read, “Ono she didn’t.” A woman was caught on camera stealing a $17,500 rock signed by Yoko Ono from a museum in Toronto. The woman is accused of making off with the piece – on which John Lennon’s 86-year-old widow penned the phrase “LOVE YOURSELF.” – at the Gardiner Museum in March 2018, police said. It was an interactive exhibit where viewers could pick up rocks and meditate.

FLORIDA: The headline read, “Her excuse blows.” A woman told police a gust of wind blew a stranger’s bag of cocaine into her purse. Police allegedly found the coke in a handbag on 26-year-old Kennecia Posey’s lap after she was pulled over for swerving in Fort Pierce, according to police. “It’s a windy day. It must have flown through the window and into my purse,” Posey said. We do not learn whether she was arrested.

FLORIDA: Caught red-handed? A crook was caught trying to steal money from a church donation box. Charles Hinckley, 34, got his arm stuck in the box at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Vero Beach and began bleeding when he tried to free himself, authorities said. Hinckley was arrested after police freed his arm.

AUSTRALIA: A pint-sized traveler lives it up. A 12-year-old boy, angry with his mother after an argument, booked a flight to Bali with her credit card – and flew to the Indonesian island by himself. His name is Drew and he flashed his passport, passed through a computer check system and boarded a plane at Sydney International Airport, according to his mother Emma, who would not divulge her last name. She admits that Drew spent four days living it u at the luxury All Seasons Hotel in Denpasar before she tracked him down.

FLORIDA: The deputy was a thief too. It has been reported that Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Henry Guzman allegedly stole $200 worth of merchandise over several days from a Lauderdale Lakes Walmart – while in uniform and working security for the store. He would hide DVD’s and “Star Wars” action figures in his department-issued bullet proof vest, police alleged. Yes, he has been arrested and is under investigation as to whether he will lose his job.

ARKANSAS: The headline read, Pippen’s 50G plower grab. It has been reported that thieves made off with two tractors worth more than $50,000 from an Arkansas farm owned by NBA hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, according to a police report. The tractors were stolen from a livestock farm in the town of Hamburg, about 110 miles southeast of Little Rock. Pippen, 52, a Chicago Bulls great and a six-time NBA champion was born in Hamburg. His family is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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