Weird Criminal Law Stories # 548: Streaking & Freaking?

ALASKA:  Streaking & freaking! An Alaska Airlines passenger in mid-flight stripped naked and streak wildly up and down the aisle until fellow passengers locked him in a bathroom. The bare-bottomed butthead shouted and waved his arms while running back and forth on the flight en route to Anchorage from Seattle. He was taken into police custody at the Anchorage airport.

ARIZONA: “She got herself into hot water,” reads the headline. An alleged stalker, Jacqueline Ades, 31, was arrested on a Tuesday in May 2018 for breaking into a man’s Paradise Valley home and taking a bath in his tub. Police reveal that Ms. Ades, of Phoenix, was previously charged with harassment after sending the same man more than 65,000 adoring and threatening text messages – after they went out on a single date.

CALIFORNIA: “LSDon’t,” read the headline. We learn that Santa Cruz police officials have been warning residents to watch out for highly potent LSD after officers encountered several people running around naked and shouting about seeing rainbows and flying unicorns. The department is looking for the LSD supplier.

CALIFORNIA: “Caught fake-handed,” read the headline. We learn that three crooks were arrested for a burglary when police found a prosthetic arm in the back of one their cars, according to police. The arm had been snatched during a home invasion, and police had spent a week hunting for the suspects when they searched the ride in Nevada City. Michael Emma St. Clair and Mike Mulligan were arrested on suspicion of burglary and possession of stolen property. The arm was returned to its owner.

COLORADO: KA-BOOM! A Denver woman’s plot to scam a drug test blew up in her face when a container of urine she was reheating inside a 7-Eleven exploded. Angelique Sanchez, 26, was issued a summons for damaging property. Police believe Sanchez trying to heat the urine, so she could fool drug screeners at a nearby clinic into thinking it was a fresh sample.

ARIZONA: Police chase home makeover. A Phoenix couple is demanding the city pay for damage to their home after a burglar and a SWAT team wrecked it during a standoff. Carjacking suspect Jairo Contreras broke into Beverly and Ed Doll’s home while they were out in order to evade police chasing him in April 2018. By the time the police were able to arrest him, there was a hole in the ceiling, three doors and nine windows were broken, and everything was covered in tear-gas residue.

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