Weird Criminal Law Stories # 549: Big Bust & Other Florida Stories

FLORIDA: Big bust! It has been reported that three crooks have been caught in a months-long scheme to snatch thousands of dollars in bras and other women’s underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Two former employees of a shipping company, along with an accomplice, pocketed $20,000 in undies and sold them online near Tallahassee, according to police, in late April 2018.

FLORIDA: Hoist by his own droopy pants. A sagging pair of pants foiled a man’s wild attempt to avoid arrest. Tobias Smith, 24, was arrested in mid-May 2018 following a foot chase in Daytona Beach and charged with fleeing and eluding, among other violations, authorities said. Police had tried to pull over Smith for undisclosed reasons, but he allegedly ran a red light to get away before crashing and taking off on foot. The chase didn’t last long – because his pants fell and caused him to trip.

FLORIDA: Tacky Prom Stunt? It has been reported  that animal rights advocates are roaring mad over a tacky prom stunt. Christopher Columbus High School in Miami brought a tiger to its jungle-themed prom. A video that was released shows the stressed tiger pacing around in a small cage as dance music was being loudly played. School officials apologized for allowing the stunt, but Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission is investigating

FLORIDA: Beware Geeks bearing quarters… It has been reported that two thieves made a heist at a car wash that allowed them to make off with 3,396 quarters. Surveillance footage recently released by the Broward County sheriff’s Office show that the bandits using as drill to break into an outdoor payment machine at the Mobil gas station car wash in Dania Beach. The crooks fled the scene in a silver Ford Focus with $849 in quarters. No arrests have been made.

FLORIDA: He wanted to reach new heights, maybe? It has been reported that recently a naked man streaking through The Daytona airport tried to dash onto an airplane runway. John Greenwood allegedly strolled into the ladies’ restroom and stripped down to his birthday suit before running  wildly through the airport and threatening to bomb the place. Authorities reveal that the man tried to escape onto the tarmac but was stopped with a blast from a Taser and taken into custody by police.

FLORIDA: A spunky 95-year-old granny! Hattie Reynolds of Daytona Beach allegedly slapped her 46-year-old granddaughter in the face with a slipper for being a loafer. Reynolds was sick of the younger woman “staying in bed all day soaking up the air conditioning,” she told police who arrested her then let her go with just a warning.

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