Weird Criminal Law Stories # 550: More Florida Stories…

FLORIDA: Not a leg to stand on…  A 4-foot-tall legless woman could not keep outrunning the law. Fugitive Krystle Anderson, 39, who lost her legs to injuries from a 2015-gun  battle with police was wanted for skipping out on a court date. Police arrested her in mid-May 2018 at her boyfriend’s Winter Haven home when they saw him trying to cram her into a plastic bin.

FLORIDA: An unusual and ugly dog fight. Timothy Manley, an airline passenger who was furious about the space taken up by a fellow passenger’s Great Dane service dog, punched the dog when the Colorado to Orlando flight landed, police said. Manley then punched the dog’s owner, hazel Ramirez, a deaf 20-year-old pregnant woman said police, who arrested him after the plane taxied to the gate.

FLORIDA: Novelty fish on the noggin? A man was recently charged with striking his longtime boyfriend in the head with a novelty singing fish. Gregory Carney, 54, of the town of Sebastian, allegedly hurled the Big Mouth Billy Bass at Larry Timmerman, who had thrown it in the trash.

FLORIDA: A failed attempt at unlocking a cell phone. A woman is very upset over the fact that two police detectives used her dead fiancé’s finger to try to unlock his cell phone, The Largo detectives slipped into a funeral home in Clearwater and pressed Linus Phillips’s finger against the phone, but could not gain access to it, according to his fiancé Victoria Armstrong. The detectives claimed to be investigating a drug-related case that involved Phillips, 30, who was shot and killed by police in March 2018.

FLORIDA: Shoot? A Winter Garden man accidentally mistook his wife for a burglar and shot her twice as she was stepping out of the bathroom. Nathan and Allison Simmons were spooked by a sound they thought was a burglar while getting ready for bed, but decided it was nothing. An hour later, Nathan was awakened by noise and opened fire on his wife, who survived.

FLORIDA: “Don’t mess with the manatees,” read the headline. We learn that Luis Perez, 49, fisherman, learned that lesson the hard way. After he slapped the water around a group of 16 mating manatees on Long Boat Key, he was charged with harassment – and sent to jail, according to police. It is illegal to poke, prod, pursue, feed or in any way alter the natural behavior of manatees in Florida.

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