Weird Criminal Law Stories # 551: Love is a Battlefield

IOWA: “Love is a battlefield,” read the headline.  A Council Bluff’s man, wearing only is underwear and clutching a bottle of vegetable oil was arrested in late April 2018, for chasing his girlfriend – who tried to shoot him with a Taser. The woman allegedly refused to leave the man’s house, so he bit her arm. Chaos ensued. The man intended to dump the vegetable oil on the woman, police said.

GERMANY: S & M, maybe? We learn that police summoned to a home for a report of suspected domestic abuse instead walked into a scene out of “Fifty shades of Grey.” When the police arrived at the apartment in the town of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, they found a tenant giving a couple an introduction class on the basics of erotic bondage. “The couple was well and in a good mood,” police said.

ILLINOIS: The headline read, “Weekend at Bernie’s meets Golden Girls. An older woman was caught pushing a corpse around in a shopping cart. The unidentified woman was spotted hauling the corpse on Chicago’s South Side was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. It is not clear where she found the body, which was that of a woman.

INDIA: Pals kills newlywed? A new groom, Sunil Verma, 25, was celebrating his marriage with a gathering of family and friends on an April night in 2018, in the state of Uttar Pradesh when the party took a very bad turn. Verma was sitting in a circle with a small group of guests as lively music played. One his guest, a friend, was fiddling with a pistol. Suddenly two shots rang out and Verma clutched his hand to his chest and face. Verma keeled over and died a short time later. The shooter identified as a friend of the groom initially fled the wedding-turned -crime scene but was arrested days later in a neighboring town. The shooter confessed to the shooting but said it was an accident.

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