Weird Criminal law Stories # 552: AHH- CHOO…

JAPAN: AHH-CHOO…. Japanese police are investigating reports of a middle-aged man offering two male high school students $9 to sneeze in front of him. It is not clear if the man, who offered the payments at a train station in the city of Hamamatsu, broke any laws. However, police insist the probe is in the interest of “maintaining public safety and order.”

LOUISIANA: It’s a shame she couldn’t do the work. A woman used someone else’s identification to get a job in Louisiana with a six-figure salary. However, the scheme failed when it was revealed that she could not do the work. A St. Tammany Parish jury deliberated only 15 minutes before convicting Cindy White, from Slidell, of identity theft. She could be sentenced up to 10 years in prison. Evidence at the trial revealed that Diversified Food and Seasonings hired White, 41, in 2015 as a human resources manager and promoted her five months later to a $105,000 position as senior human resources director, When the company realized she was struggling with the work, and investigators found she had copied another woman’s resume from a LinkedIn and stolen he ID numbers she was fired and arrested.

MADAGASCAR: Authorities say the home was a shellhole. Police and wildlife officials raided a filthy, smelly home – and found it crawling with more than 10,000 endangered tortoises. The rare radiate tortoises which can weigh u to 35 pounds were likely being farmed for an international pet-smuggling ring, said authorities who made three arrests at the home.

MASSACHUSETTS:  Fingered by Play-Doh. A shoplifter in the town of Leicester used Play-Doh to muffle a Walmart security alarm but left the Play-Doh behind which had captured his fingerprint perfectly. The print led police to Dennis Jackson, 55, who was charged with unlawful removal of an anti-theft device.

MISSOURI: A poor prank! A high School senior was suspended for three days and barred from walking in his graduation after he put his school up for sale on Craigslist as a prank. Kylan Scheele, 18, admitted to posting the online ad that listed Truman HS for sale at $12,725. “Huge 20+ room facility. Newly built football field… reason for sale is due to the loss of students coming up,” part of the ad for the Independence school read.

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