Weird Criminal Law Stories # 553: Patience is a Virtue?

INDIA: Patience is a virtue, he needed some. A man in India took frustration over airline travel to new height by stabbing himself in the stomach with a ballpoint pen. The 37-year-old was so upset by a three-hour Air India delay in Mumbai that he flew into a rage and jammed the pen into his gut, causing mild bleeding. He was rushed to a hospital and the plane took off without him.

INDIANA: Raining cash in Indianapolis. As swirl of cash rained down on an Indianapolis highway in early May 2018, and there was a mad scramble for the loot among motorists and fence jumping neighbors. It appears that the money, estimated to be as much as $600,000, flew out of a Brinks armored car truck when its back door flew open during a morning rush hour. Indiana State Police Cpl. Brock McCoone asked the takers to return the money – or face theft charges.

INDIANA: MWI – Mowing while intoxicated. A man in the town of Franklin was arrested for drunkenly mowing someone else’s yard. Barry Ridge, 46, first cut his neighbor’s grass and then headed down the road. The unappreciative neighbor called the police on Ridge, who’s has been in trouble in the past for mowing while intoxicated, records show.

NEW YORK CITY: Embezzlement from DA’s office. It has been reported that a former employee of the Staten Island District Attorney’s office pleaded guilty in April 2018, to embezzling more than $444,000 to use for personal expenses. William Nelson, of Staten Island used the office’s American Express cards over an 11year period for travel expenses, sporting events, comics, video games, survival gear and other merchandise. Nelson, 44, was hired in 2005 as the office’s procurement director. The theft was uncovered when a new District Attorney assumed the top job in 2016. Nelson faces up to 10 years in prison.

NEW YORK: Yep, it was a very bad call. A fugitive hiding out in western New York is back behind bars after accidently dialing 911 and leading police right to him. Hesse Graham, 53, inadvertently dialed the number on a Friday night in May while laying low in the town of Lyons. Police checking out the call learned Graham was wanted in North Carolina. It was not immediately clear why. Nevertheless, he was charged with being a fugitive from justice, as well as marijuana possession.

NEW ZEALAND: There’s no crook like an old crook. An elderly man stole dozens of avocados from a family’s tree and then fled on a mobility scooter, according to police. Bert Glazer, of Aukland, said his partner spotted the old man and an accomplice knocking the fruit loose with a 12-foot pole, which police dusted for fingerprints. Last year, thieves swiped more than 200 avocados from the same tree.

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