Weird Criminal Law Stories # 556: Potato Bath?

UNITED KINGDOM: Potato bath, why? A British man was caught filling a bath tub with raw potatoes while wearing a bra over his shirt on a five-day drug binge. After guests at the Travelodge in Eastleigh, England, complained about the smell of marijuana wafting from James Johnson’s room, police searched it and found MDMA and other drugs. When a judge asked why he wanted a potato bath, Johnson, 30, replied, “It felt like the right thing to do at the time.

VERMONT: BANG, BANG… A man in the town of Barton went ballistic on his frequently chirping kitchen smoke detector – firing   shotgun at the device to silence it. However, two shots from the 20-gauge shotgun, allegedly fired by Leroy Mason, hit the adjoining wall of a neighbor’s apartment. Police were called and Mason, 68, was arrested.

VIRGINIA: Bipolar Idiot? A man is suing police and a lifeguard who saved him from drowning in Virginia – because they didn’t rescue him fast enough. Mateus Fijalkowski, 23, was having a bipolar episode when he tried to drown himself at pool in the town of Fairfax. He claims the rescuers watched him sink to the bottom of the pool before pulling him out and wants $100,000 to pay for his medical bills.

AUSTRALIA: Eggplant foolishness? A farmer in the state of Victoria claims an eggplant caused him to slip and fatally shoot the neighbor who ran over his dog “As he approached the driver’s side, he tripped and fell forward,” his attorney said. “The gun then went off without the trigger having been pulled.” Of course, prosecutors didn’t buy it.

AUSTRALIA: A horse of a different color? We learn that a fallen-off-the wagon lady was arrested for riding her horse into a bar allegedly while drunk. The 51-year-old was allegedly drinking wine from a bottle when police caught her trotting through the Logan City Tavern in Queensland. Police took both the horse and the lady into custody. She was jailed  to let her sleep it off while the horse was led home.

CALIFORNIA: And it was not really his house… It has been reported that an intruder made himself inside a residence, taking a shower, munching on Doritos, and even ordering the owner to get out. As he stood sopping wet from a shower in the elderly homeowner’s master bedroom. Nao Myers, 41, barked at the man “This is my house!” You need to leave!” Responding police arrested Myers, who was wearing clothes from the owner’s closet.

CALIFORNIA: What a scam! A doctor has been selling digital sound files to treat disease. Dr. William Gray sold recordings for $5 each, claiming the “hissing sounds” were a remedy for everything from Ebola to malaria to labor pains. The California medical board found him guilty of gross negligence and are contemplating taking his license.

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