Weird Criminal Law Stories # 568: All Florida Stories

FLORIDA: Psycho? Recently a man was found naked, spouting gibberish while standing in a fire in his front yard. John Hennessey, 37, of Cape Coral, allegedly greeted police who tried to rescue him by waving a knife, and then a stick at them. Hennessey, believed to be high on psychedelic mushrooms, was arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief.

FLORIDA: Crime stopping? It has been reported that a would-be robber was arrested before he ever set foot inside a bank. Why? Because he was wearing a heavy flannel shirt and a ski mask on a 90-degree day. Tellers at the Hollywood, Wells Fargo bank saw 46-year-old David Licht ambling up to the door dressed like a robber from central casting on a Saturday in mid-July, so they locked the branch and called 911. Authorities charged him with attempted bank robbery.

FLORIDA:  Backstreet Boy – NOT! A man was finally arrested after years of allegedly using celebrities’ names on fake checks. Michael Watters, 48, was charged with 22 counts of identity fraud for writing and cashing checks using the names of Backstreet Boy Howard “Howie D.” Dorough and MLB players Johnny Damon and Sterling Hitchcock, authorities said.

FLORIDA: Juror to defendant in one morning? It has been reported that Kristine Mittler, 39, while reporting for jury duty at the West Pasco Judicial Center, was arrested when guard found cocaine in her pocket, according to a police report. Ms. Mittler allegedly confessed to police that she had forgot she had the coke on her.

FLORIDA: “Cookie Monster alert,” read the headline. Police are hunting for a Sweet-toothed shoplifter who allegedly loaded his shopping cart to the brim with cookies and bolted from the store without paying. The bandit was seen in surveillance footage wheeling away the loot at a Miramar Family Dollar.

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