Weird Criminal Law Stories # 569: Fall Guy or Fall Dog?

FLORIDA:  Fall guy or fall dog? A motorist arrested for allegedly driving while impaired told police his dog was behind the wheel. Scott Garrett, 56, was driving his 2005 Nissan near Port St. Lucie when an officer pulled him over for swerving and found an open bottle of spiced rum, said police. However, Garrett continued to maintain that his dog was doing the driving. His dog was not charged – but he was.

GEORGIA: Hello 911… Georgia police recently issued an arrest warrant for William Baccus, 62, who called police more than 100 times over the past three years – to ask them to bring him milk, his cell phone, a TV remote control, and many other silly non-emergency requests, Cobb County police said. Mr. Baccus faces a charge of abuse of the 911 emergency system.

MASSACHUSETTS: The old two for one outcome… It has been reported that one DWI arrest turned into two when a tow-truck driver dispatched to haul off an allegedly drunk woman’s car was arrested on the same charges.  Patricia O’Donnell, 51, was stopped by a state trooper one weekend in Hyannis in July 2018, was charged with DWI. Then Brandon Fenton, 25, headed out to pick up the vehicle and was also charged with DWI after he was spotted swerving on the road by the same the same trooper.

MICHIGAN: Some say he is now in the doghouse. It has been reported that a man put his two German shepherds in a car wash because they were covered with feces. As a result, dog lovers are “barking mad.” Marshall Bullard blasted the dogs with scalding hot water from a high-pressure hose at Wash Stop Auto Wash in the town of Warren, outraging animal-rights advocates. Bullard said he rescued the filthy dogs from a neglectful owner earlier in the day. The dogs were taken to a vet and were pronounced unharmed.

MINNESOTA: Hell, hath no fury like… When a man rejected Panhia Vang’s marriage proposal, she raced off in his Hummer at speeds of 80 mph – with the man clinging to the roof. After he fell off he was rushed to a hospital with multiple broken bones, police said. Vang, allegedly drunk, was charged with car theft and criminal vehicle operation resulting in substantial bodily harm.

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