Weird Criminal Law Stories # 571: No more cheating!

THAILAND:  No more cheating… A woman chopped off her husband’s penis after catching him cheating on her with another woman, Karuna Sanusan, 24, allegedly hacked off the manhood of her 40-year-old husband, Siripan, with a carving knife at their Si Racha home. Unfortunately, surgeons were unable to reattach it.

TEXAS: Nose biting crime. Jessica Collins allegedly bit off and swallowed part of a host’s nose at a home in Houston – after being refused more cigarettes and whisky and told to go home. It has also been reported that a stark mug shot of Ms. Collins, 41, of the town of Conroe, with blood on her chin has gone viral.

TEXAS: Dino Bandit…   A crook was caught on camera wearing a dinosaur mask while burglarizing the Palais-Royal department store in the in the town of Orange. The burglar can be seen clearly on surveillance video swiping watches and phone cases – and even trying on a dress.

PENNSYLVANIA:  High Flying? A couple allegedly tripping out on bath salts went crazy because they thought fireflies were green lasers sent by alien invaders, police said. Jesse Shields, 30, of Mill Hall was arrested after allegedly firing a gun into the air to scare away the “extra-terrestrials,” according to police. Katherine McCloskey, 22, was also taken into custody.

RUSSIA:  Love in the slow lane? It has been reported that drivers stuck in a huge traffic jam in St. Petersburg were not bored one day in the summer of 2018. Why not?  They were able to spy a horney couple in one of the cars passed the time with some stand-up sex – their and upper bodies bobbing out of the open sun roof. The man finally gave his lover a kiss on the hand and they drove off.

SOUTH AFRICA: Seeing Double? We learn that a groom’s ex-girlfriend gate-crashed his recent wedding ceremony wearing a bridal gown and veil. She also strolled down the aisle. The groom is seen on video trying to calm the intruder—while the real bride stands feet away crying and trying to keep it together.

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