Weird Criminal Law Stories # 572: What mother wouldn’t help her daughter?

IDAHO: What mother wouldn’t help her daughter? An Idaho woman was arrested for allegedly stealing the placenta and umbilical cord from the room where her daughter had just given birth, officials report. Rhiannon Stoneham suspected her daughter had used drugs during her pregnancy and wanted to hide that from doctors and police, according to the report. Ms. Stoneham was charged with felony destruction of evidence.

COLORADO: A case of dangerous vegetable… A Colorado man was sentenced in late July to 16 years in prison for murdering a man who lashed out at him after buying a $10,000 bag of broccoli – under the mistaken assumption that it was marijuana. Sababu Colbert-Evans, 26, had been arrested in March along with accomplice Terrell Davis. The pair reportedly sold the phony marijuana to two men in the town of Aurora, both of whom they shot after the victims complained. One of the victims died. “This may be the first time that broccoli has been bad for someone’s health,” prosecutors said.

CONNECTICUT: Bad, bad, choices! Two men in late July approached an out of uniform Hartford police officer as he left the station house and asked if they could buy cocaine from him, officials report. The men said they needed to go to an ATM machine for cash. When they returned, the off-duty officer had them arrested.

ALASKA: Refusal felony? A man popped the question to his girlfriend in the last week of July. However, when she refused to marry him, he allegedly threatened to “pop’ the girl-friend, with a loaded pistol. Police charged Miguel Moya, 25, of Fairbanks with felony assault for allegedly pointing a loaded gun at his beloved.

CALIFORNIA: The headline read, “No joke, dummy!” it has been reported that San Francisco police are trying to help a professional ventriloquist – who was robbed of the doll he uses in his act. The 20-year-old victim was mugged in the Mission District, police said. He suffered minor injuries trying to fight off the suspects who grabbed his dummy.

CALIFORNIA: Jailbreak video? Inmates who broke out of a maximum-security Southern California jail last year produced a zany video of their escape that included music, news clips and narration. We learn that the video, shared by a lawyer for alleged escapee Adam Nayeri, shows the men using tools to cut through metal and rebar, shimming through plumbing shafts and repelling down the side of the Orange County Jail. The feat, recorded with a smuggled cellphone, ends with all three men recaptured within six months.

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