Weird Criminal Law Stories # 574: Crabs in his pants?

CHINA: Crabs in his pants? We learn that a bandit swiped five live crabs from a restaurant by shoving them down his pants. The 58-year-old man allegedly slipped into the restaurant in Fujian. He told police they “looked pretty” and he wanted them as pets. What a creep.

DUBAI: Zoom… A rental car company got taken for a ride by a British tourist when he racked up $47,600 in speeding tickets in a single day and then disappeared without paying them. Traffic cameras caught him zooming up to 150 mph in a luxury Lamborghini Hurricane.

INDIA: Hairy heist! Three thieves posing as customers walked into a workshop in India and looted 5000 pounds of wigs and raw hair. “People think wigs are cheap, but they cost a fortune to make,” New Delhi wig-maker Jahangir Hussain said after the armed robbery.

ILLINOIS: Unicorn danger? It has been reported that Sheriff Deputies grabbed a problem by the horn in August 2018 when they rescued four women stranded on an inflatable unicorn. The women were trapped on Fish Lake after their rainbow-colored ride got caught in reeds. Chisago County officers tossed them a rope from a dock.

FLORIDA: Smuggling birds to being jailbirds. Three men were sent to jail for trapping more than 400 songbirds and selling them on the black market overseas. They used solar-powered bird-callers to catch the colorful creatures in the Everglades. The bird nappers were caught and were sentenced to between six and 15 months each.

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