Weird Criminal Law Stories # 576: Stinky?

OHIO: Stinky? A man who was charged with criminal mischief for knocking over a porta-potty will now have to scoop up animal poop as part of his punishment. “You act like an animal, you’re going to take care of animals,” Judge Michael Ciconetti told Bayley Toth. “You want to screw around with crap I will let you do it.” Toth was ordered to shovel manure from horses and pigs at the Lake County Fair.

OKLAHOMA: Made himself at home –but not his home? An Oklahoma City apartment intruder made himself right at home – taking a bath, disrobing and getting into bed. The owner said the burglar “ate food in the fridge, drank about six bottles of water, had a can of beer and ate almonds.” The invader believed to be homeless, even did his laundry before he was arrested.

OREGON: Yo ho, ho, and a bottle of rum… A thief wearing a pirate mask was caught on camera robbing a bar. The bandit slipped through a back door at the Last Lap in the town of Cornelius and snatched $4,000 from a safe, the bar owner said. Police are using surveillance footage to track him down. No arrest yet.

TENNESSEE: Half-baked weapon? Jeffery Tomerlin, 45, of Nashville became so enraged at the sight of his ex-girlfriend in a car with her new boyfriend, struck her in the face with a biscuit, police said. Tomerlin, who also punched the car hood and threatened to kill the couple. Yes, he was arrested and charged with public intoxication, vandalism and assault.

TEXAS:  Undocumented tiger cub? A tiger cub left in a duffel bag at the U.S. border is getting acquainted with his new home. Kenobi, who was abandoned earlier this year near the Rio Grande by three people trying to cross the border illegally, was rescued and is now living at an animal sanctuary outside of Dallas. We learn further, that the cub will have a playmate there – a white tiger cub named Kylo Ren.

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