Weird Criminal Law Stories # 578: She took the airline’s name literally!

UNITED KINGDOM: She took the airline’s name literally. A Wizz Airline passenger – who was drunk – on board a flight about to take off from London was told she could not use the lavatory until the plane was airborne. So, she defiantly pulled down her pants in the food service galley of the Hungarian airliner, squatted and relieved herself while chatting on a cell phone. Police were called and took her away.

UNITED KINGDOM: A bicycle arrest. We learn that a quick-thinking British police officer used a suspect’s own bicycle to nab him; the officer was chasing the man for allegedly smashing a storefront in Birmingham when the man abandoned his bike and ran. So, the officer got on and started pedaling after him, eventually catching up to the exhausted fellow. “Here in Birmingham east…we love commandeering vehicles,” the police department tweeted.

MONTANA: Yes, she sure had a busy day… It has been reported that Kaylee Berry, 22, of Butte allegedly stole five vehicles – a Dodge Ram, a Pontiac Grand Am, a Ford Ranger, a Toyota Sequoia and a GMC pickup with a dog inside – all in one day. She was charged with five felony counts of theft and one felony count of burglary in the July Sunday 2018 spree.

NORTH CAROLINA: IDIOT! We learn that a teenage crook robbed a 9-year-old’s organic lemonade stand – jabbing a gun into the boy’s stomach and demanding cash. The young boy had been selling lemonade to raise money for his lawn mowing business in the town of Monroe when the bandit struck. The idiot made off with $13, which police later found stashed in nearby woods.

UTAH:  TOYS, TOYS, TOYS… A 6-year-old pulled a fast one on her parents by ordering $350 worth of toys on her mother’s Amazon Prime account. The young Miss Caitlin, who was supposed to order just a Barbie doll, was photographed grinning mischievously next to a stack of delivered boxes her height. Caitlin had to return all but the Barbie doll and can’t go online for a month.

UTAH:  Bang, bang… An elderly couple put a sign on their Iron Town home that read, “Smith & Wesson spoken here” – and soon proved they meant it. When an alleged burglar, identified as Christian Holbert, 24, entered their home on a Tuesday in August 2018, the couple shot him multiple times, police said. Holbert, reportedly on “some kind of drugs,” stripped naked and was Tasered by police before taken into custody.

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