Weird Criminal Law Stories # 579: They tossed his buns in jail!

TEXAS: The headline read, “They tossed his buns in jail.” A bandit was arrested for robbing a hamburger joint using only a pair of tongs, police said. David Gonzalez was lingering inside a Whataburger in Austin when he allegedly snatched the cooking tool, jabbed and employee with it and demanded cash from the registers. He was soon arrested.

MARYLAND: “Dope fails drive test,” read the headline. A 22-year-old man who went for his driver’s test in the town of Glen Burnie, left in handcuffs after the examiner smelled marijuana in his car. The examiner alerted a state trooper at the DMV who searched the car. The search found a pound of marijuana, a scale, more than $15,000 in cash, and a handgun loaded with a 30-round magazine, according to the police report. Reginald Wooding, Jr. of Baltimore did not get his license but he did get arrested on multiple charges.

MASSACHUSETTS: Bad bumper sticker? A woman allegedly rammed her car into another vehicle because the car had a Donald trump bumper sticker. Chloe Wright, 25, tooted her horn repeatedly at the driver. When he came to her window to ask what was wrong, she called him a racist for voting for Trump, the man said. Wright now faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, vandalizing property and leaving the scene of property damage.

MEXICO: Half-baked scheme? We learn that Mexican police dogs were able to sniff out $270,000 worth of cocaine in baggies hidden in 15 baked bread rolls at the Guadalajara International Airport, authorities said. Police are still looking for the smugglers.

MEXICO: Mexican tarantula tacos no more. It has been reported that authorities cracked down on a Mexico City restaurant that had been touting the rare $27 tacos online – because the delicious spiders were identified as Mexican red-rump tarantulas, a protected species. The restaurant still serves grasshoppers, worms and ant eggs. Ugh!

MICHIGAN: 80-year-old goes to jail. She wanted to light up without getting tossed in the joint. Delores Saltzman, of Lake George, smokes cannabis to help her cope with arthritis and intestinal pain. However, she was sent to jail overnight because her medical-marijuana card had expired, she said. Ms. Saltzman said a deputy came to her home to return a lost cell phone, smelled marijuana smoke and searched the house until he found her small personal marijuana stash.

MICHIGAN: On the lam in a canoe. A farmer who was arrested with hundreds of pot plants tried to flee from the police by using a canoe as a getaway vehicle. Hendrick Westers, 60, allegedly grew 700 marijuana plants alongside other crops in fields on his property in Elmer Township. When he spotted police searching the land, he bolted to a nearby pond and paddled away. Eventually, he returned to dry land and surrendered.

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