Weird Criminal Law Stories #580: High Heels?

AUSTRALIA: “High heels?” We learn that a nun gave new meaning to the term “high” heels when she allegedly smuggled 2 pounds of cocaine into Australia in her shoes. Denise Woodrum, 51, who worked at the Kansas based Adorers of the Blood of Christ institute, hid the blow in the heels of her pumps, according to authorities who arrested her at the Sydney Airport. Sister Denise claims a man she fell in love with online asked her to transport the drug.

FLORIDA: Maybe the most disgusting office jerk ever, read the headline. Robert Tyson, 62, took his feud with a female coworker in a Tallahassee dermatology center to a new low when he twice put semen in her water mug, police said. Tyson was fired and arrested after surveillance footage showed him pouring a substance into the woman’s unattended cup. Police said.

MINNESOTA: Beer to the rescue? We learn that a trucker talked a suicidal man down from a highway overpass by offering him a case of beer and a chance to vent. Kwame Anderson was driving his beer truck when he spotted a troubled fellow poised to jump into traffic on Interstate 94 in St. Paul. Anderson pulled over and offered the fellow food and money, but he refused. However, when he invited the jumper to talk about his troubles over beer from his truck, the fellow climbed down.

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