Weird Criminal Law Stories # 581: What the Flock?

OHIO: The headline read, “What the flock!” We learn that more than 600 birds were removed from an Ohio home following reports of animal neglect in the summer of 2018. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says the birds – including parakeets, cockatiels, cockatoos, finches, and macaws – were living in highly overcrowded conditions in the Columbus home.

KENTUCKY: “He wasn’t playing with a full deck,” read the headline. Michael Larocco, 33, was charged with stealing several items from a Family Dollar Store, including 99 packs of Pokémon cards. Arrested with the merchandise, Larocco told police he stole more than he had intended “out of spite” for an employee who had antagonized him.

CANADA: Bad Bet? It has been reported that a real boozer recently drove from a bar to the local police station and requested a Breathalyzer test to win a bet with his buddies by proving he was not drunk. He was, though, and police charged him with driving while impaired.

FLORIDA:  Mooooo? Police report that these cows were not taking any bull from an alleged SUV in the town of Sanford in August 2018. The cows spotted a woman upsetting their bovine evening by running across their pasture with lawmen in hot pursuit, authorities said. The cows started hoofing it and cornered the suspect at a fence. The Sheriff’s Office posted a video of the amazing chase and said, “A group of cows provided law enforcement with a big assist”

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