Weird Criminal Law Stories # 583: Hello Dolly!

AUSTRIA: Hello Dolly! Firefighters in the state of Steyr were called to rescue what witnesses’ thought was the body of a hot-looking woman floating beneath a bridge. It turned out the “corpse” was full of hot air. Why? The floater was a partially inflated sex doll.

BELGIUM: His name got him booted off Facebook. Luc Anus, a 26-year-old City Council candidate from the town of Lobbes insists he was banned  from Facebook for campaigning with his real surname. To get back on, he hanged his profile name to Luc Anu. Facebook has not said why it gave him a bad rap.

CALIFORNIA:  Why a potato? It has been reported that a man has been convicted of burglary for breaking into a house and threatening to hit a woman with a potato  that had her first initial carved into it. Police collared William Best, 41, in mid-September 2108. Best told police he used the potato to “increase his punching power.

CALIFORNIA: The headline read, simply, “Freeze” Two Long Beach drug dealers were arrested for selling marijuana and meth from their ice cream truck, police said. The truck, plastered images of ice cream sandwiches and popsicles was only a front, said police – who tossed suspects Monti Ware,41 and George Williams 57, in the cooler.

CANADA: Waitress says her boss is a boob for forcing her to wear a bra on the job. Christiana Schell, of British Columbia, is suing the Osoyoos Golf Club, allegeding she was fired for refusing to comply with the “sexist” dress code. Women working at the club’s restaurant are required to wear a tank top or bra under their uniform, which she called a ‘human rights violation.”

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