Weird Criminal Law Stories # 584: Buff Luck?

FLORIDA: They call it “buff luck.” We learn that South Florida residents have complained about neighbors doing outdoor chores in the nude. Residents in the town of Stuart complained about their neighbors gardening, putting out trash, and working on his car without clothes. The Martin County Sheriff’s Department told them  they can’t do anything about the display of privates on private property. In other words – buff luck.

CHINA: UGH!  A video of a pregnant woman fishing a dead rat from her hot pot at a Xiabu Xiabu eatery in Shandong went viral. As a result, the restaurant chain saw its stock price plummet by 12 percent, wiping out more than $190 million in marker value. The restaurant where the rat was found was closed pending improvements.

FRANCE:  “Blackwashing?” An art school in the city of Lyon is accused of getting a bit too creative. Critics blasted Emile-Cohl officials for digitally adding images on non-existent black students to an all-white class and darkened other faces for a school promotional flyer. The so-called “blackwashing” was done by a U.S. ad agency that’s been fired, the school responded.

GERMANY:  Banned. A German triathlete has been banned from an all you can eat sushi buffet for scarfing down too many plates of raw fish. Jaroslav Bobrowski, 30, who is training for an iron man competition paid $19 to gobble down 100 plates of sushi at the running Sushi in the town of Landshut.

CHINA: The price for freeing birds? A motorist was caught on traffic cameras releasing 60 pigeons on a highway in Jilim province. He told police he wanted the birds to experience freedom – but was fined $29 for a traffic violation.

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