Weird Criminal Law Stories # 585: Taking The Plunge?

CHINA: Taking the plunge? We learn that a passenger standing on a public bus in the town of Huai’an City steadied herself by pulling out a toilet plunger and sticking it to the ceiling. Video shows the clever straphanger boarding the bus and casually whipping out her makeshift handle. Smart!

AUSTRALIA: “He put the speed near the crack,” read the headline. A drug smuggler was arrested with nearly $1 million in crystal meth stuffed in his underwear, at an airport, police said. The 32-year-old man had just flown from Sydney to Hobart when police dogs sniffed out the junk in his trunk that weighed more than two pounds, according to drug authorities.

AUSTRALIA: On the Run, literally. A prisoner escaped from a  prison van at a convenience store aptly named “On the Run.” Shane Gauci, 41, asked to use the bathroom, then suddenly bolted at around 8:30 am on a Monday in late September 2018, in Adelaide, according to authorities. Gauci, who had been participating in a community program, is  said to be still on the run.

FLORIDA:  “Yo quiero English lessons,” read the headline. Taco Bell recently fired a South Florida employee for refusing to take an order from a customer who did not speak Spanish according to the Miami Herald. “This is Hialeah!” the worker reportedly retorted in Spanish, apparently referring to the city’s large Spanish-speaking population.

FLORIDA:  “Stoned man nearly dies from the munchies,” read the headline. It has been  reported that when firefighters arrived at Gregory Cunningham’s smoke-filled Niceville home, they found him naked, drunk, stoned – and oblivious to “the danger he was in,” authorities said. They made Cunningham, 53, evacuate while putting out a fire caused by cookies he forgot he was baking on his George foreman Grill, authorities said.

CHINA: Rice grain torture…  A teacher in Foshan, told her fifth-grade students to count 100 million grains of rice for homework – and very mad parents say  it was ‘torture.” The math teacher said the assignment was supposed to encourage the children to problem solve. She hoped they would count out 100 grains of rice and then multiply them based on the weight. Ten of her 40 students completed the assignment.

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