Weird Criminal Law Stories # 586: Pigs?

FLORIDA: PIGS? We learn that a policeman in Cape Coral, with a sense of humor responded to a report of an escaped piglet – and soon noticed the feisty critter was chasing his car. “The pigs are being chased by little pigs, how funny is that,” the officer joked on a video posted on social media. The officer corralled the piglet – a pet named Willie – and returned him to its owner.

ILLINOIS: Not the real boss? It was reported in September of 2018, a Chicago woman who goes by the name of Mary was scammed out of $11,500 by a Bruce Springsteen impersonator she met online. For more than a year, Mary swapped messages with the phony via a fake Facebook page before he asked for money and she sent it. “It hurts, and you feel so stupid,” she said.

INDIA: “Give him a reward – or else…” We learn that a servant who saved his boss from being knifed was so angry that his employer skimped on a thank you gift, he stole $96,000 from him. Dhan Singh Bisht, 37, of Delhi, fought off bandits who threatened to cut his boss’ throat in August 2018, authorities report. When his employer “rewarded”  him with just a T-shirt, he allegedly hatched a plan to steal. Unfortunately, Bisht was arrested and sent to jail.

IRELAND: Great-grandfather thrashes criminal thugs. It has been reported that  this senior citizen fought off three weapon-wielding robbers with his bare hands. The bad boys were hauling hammers and a sawed-off shotgun when they stormed 83-year-old Dennis O’Conner’s sports betting center Bar One Racing in Glanmire and demanded cash. Instead of backing down, O’Conner tackled one of the crooks and kicked him in the back, causing them all to flee empty-handed.

KUWAIT: A case of shady fishmongers… It has been reported that a seafood store was shut down after it was arrested for sticking googly eyes on fish to make them appear fresher. Photos show the craft supplies poorly masking the glassy eyes of one long dead creature.

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