Weird Criminal Law Stories # 587: Stamped Out…

MASSACHUSETTS: Stamped out! A former US Postal Service pleaded guilty to stealing $82,000 worth of postage stamps and selling some online at discount rates. David Fors, 58, of Holden plead guilty in federal court to three counts of mail fraud in Mid-August 2108. The evidence revealed his thefts began in 2012 when surveillance cameras caught Fors taking packages of stamps meant for retail sale at a Worcester post office. We learn that undercover postal inspectors also bought stamps at below face value on eBay. Under his plea deal, Fors will get no jail time but instead will serve two years’ probation. He, of course, lost his job with the Postal Service.

LOUISIANA: OMG! A restaurateur Somchanh Chanthapanya faces possible jail time after food inspectors found a dead spotted fawn in a cooler at his Golden Hen restaurant in the town of Winnsboro. Chanthapanya reportedly said he found the fawn as highway roadkill and didn’t realize having it was illegal.

MAINE: Bell Buoys? It has been reported that a bandit has been stealing large size bell from buoys off the coast of Maine. As a result, the Coast Guard is offering a cash reward for information surrounding the thefts of the sound signal devices. Officials further report that over the last nine months, nine buoys had bells stolen from Penobscot Bay. Tampering with buoys is a federal crime and can lead to fines up to $25,000 and one year in jail.

MAINE:  Lobster embezzlement? A worker was arrested for embezzling $1.5 million worth lobsters according to a lawsuit. Matthew Bellrose, of Scarborough, allegedly set up a fake customer account while working at Sea Salt wholesale seafood company, owners of the business said in the suit. The “fishy”  employee allegedly sold the shellfish himself and pocketed the “clams.”

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